Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunshiney Day

For about a month now we have been under a blanket of clouds and fog with only occasional glimpses of sun. But today, Hallelujah, the sun shone in all its splendor. We basked in its glorious rays and did not take it for granted.

On another note, we do appreciate the rains that brought up the grass and the rivers and replenished the springs. Since the fall rains began we have recorded about 42 inches at our house. Eric and Jo live higher on the hill and they have recorded closer to 50 inches.


  1. Beautiful shot of the mountains in the distance. Thank you God for the sunny days and thank you for the rainy days.



  2. From one Californian to another,

    "Isn't the Sun Glories".

  3. We have close to 47inches of rain here! Weird that so close we would still differ

  4. 50 inches?!!!! Wowsers. I wonder if our state has had that lifetime. ;)


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