Friday, February 25, 2011

Capt. Jack's Debriefing

This is the story of a vacation. Mine. And a celebration of 60 years of matrimony (combined). My name is Captain Jack Morgan and I was found looking in the happy couple's condo window. I know, I know, it is a bit of an odd behavior, but what can I say, it was shady there. Or maybe I was a bit shady there.... Either way, they had a good sense of humor and invited me along.

The day I joined them I had at least one too many mango margaritas and some monkey business.
A large portion of each day was spent on the beautiful beaches of Maui... Looking for a good time. And a decent tan. And the normal things one looks for on a tropical island...

The time at the beach was more than just laying around, though. We also spent considerable hours snorkeling with colorful exotic fishes, gracefully soaring sea turtles, and all in an ocean reverberating with songs of Humpback whales.

Sometimes, we kayaked out to see them, I was a little unsure of our plight at one point. We were a couple of miles from shore and it took considerable time to get back.

I think I liked it a bit better watching the whales from shore. Well, that and the wahines.

They told me to stay away from this sacred site, but I just couldn't resist. I am always ready for an adventure. And the view of the whales was good from here.

Exploration of the island required a variety of transportation styles and I knew the way...
Jungle travel can be slow.

Of course, with legs the size of mine, travel ANYWHERE was slow.
Still.... wherever we went and however we got there, we all had a great time!They thought they left me on Maui. I decided to hang around a while. Someone's got to navigate, after all. Until next time- jack


  1. Jack,

    High five for the grand adventure, mate. Love the hat.

  2. That is so cool. And, I love Mango Margaritas.

    Great pictures.


  3. Love it!!! I to had a little tag along one summer and the pictures were always fun. Actually he even had his own myspace at the time:)

  4. Awesomeness! YOu're too cool, Jack. I think you're mighty lucky you got to tag along. I'd say you saw some beautiful places.


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