Monday, February 21, 2011

Maui: 2011

This following post is all out of order, but sometimes that is just the way it goes and in any order Maui is pretty sweet.

Especially the whales. This photo was shot by our friend while we were kayaking. This male shot out of the water unexpected. But does anyone really expect a humongous whale to shoot out of the air like a space shuttle, do a half turn and then crash back down into the unknown depths? And all of this only at about 200 yards away. Awesome. The highlight of our trip. Heck, probably will be a highlight of our lives.
We really enjoyed kayaking. We did it a couple of times. Both days the water was glassy and calm and there was something very satisfying in propelling oneself along the sea. The mountains behind us are the west Maui mountains and we kayaked out of Lahaina.
This is a photo of Iao Needle. It rained on us here. I think it often rains here.
This photo is of the many waterfalls that were created on the north east side of the island.
The ocean is wild on this side and we enjoyed it from a distance.
This is on the north east side too and is called the Olivine Pools. It was pretty awesome to swim while on 3 sides of you the waves crashed. This is of me diving in.
This is me too. Pretty cool shot that Mark took of me sneaking into a resort's infinity pool in Wailea, which is on the southwest side of the island. This was a sublime moment. Sunset and serenity.
Sunset and paddle boarding at the Old Airport Beach in Kaanapali. Mark tried it and enjoyed it.
These two kissing in the sunset are Humboldt neighbors who now live on Maui. They were the ones who generously loaned us a number of items to enjoy and served us dinner and took us to a wonderful show called Ulalena. We all enjoyed it a lot. At one point I found my face bathed in tears. It was that moving.

Our good friends and our daughter in law's parents went with us. They too were celebrating their 30th anniversary.

We took a "sailing" trip to Lanai', a neighboring island. The sailing was very minimal, but it was nice to be out on the water and the beach on Lanai was exceptionally beautiful. We forgot to take our camera off the boat though, so you will just have to take our word for it. Or go there yourself. Lanai has a great camping area and when we ever visit the islands again that is where we will go for part of our time. We really liked it.
Probably the best thing about our boat trip was the deep water swim. The color of the water was wonderful and underwater the whale song was loud.
We hiked in the West Maui mountains one day. A seven mile jaunt. At Kapalua they have a shuttle that will take you up the mountain and then well marked trails to walk down. At one point you walk through an abandoned pineapple field.
And there was, of course, many flowers and even fresh fruit growing along the way to eat.

Of course, I suppose no trip to the islands would be complete without going to a Luau. We went to the Old Lahaina Luau and enjoyed it. The food was exceptional, the service excellent and those girls could sure twirl their hips!
This is Makena beach. It is southwest Maui and very beautiful. We spent one day in the south snorkeling, sunbathing and crashing the fancy hotels there. LOL.
Every evening was spent enjoying the sunsets. This is the one and only sun rise I witnessed. It was taken on our last day. We got up early and went for a walk and a last snorkel with the turtles.

Our anniversary was spent simply.
Another whale tail. The humpback whales come to Maui every winter to have their calves. They were very active and could be observed from shore as well as from the water.
Another view from our hike of the west Maui mountains. We also saw a lot of wild pig signs. It made us think of Eric the Bold and it had us walking a bit faster. LOL>
Thirty years together. Sweet.
The waves of Paia.
We snorkeled somewhere almost every day. This was taken from Napili Bay, probably my favorite spot.
We stayed at the Outrigger Aina Nalu in Lahaina. They had a lovely salt water pool that I enjoyed doing laps in. We rented a 2 bedroom condo at a very reasonable rate from the Vacation Rental By Owner website. We weren't on the ocean but we really enjoyed being in a town. Living on a ranch makes us appreciate being able to just walk out your door to get whatever you might need.
Very, very happy feet on Napili Bay. :-)
The end.

Well, this is their version of the vacation. My version might be just a little bit different. They found me peeking in their condo's window and invited me along and I live a little more on the wild side........Until next time- Capt. Jack Morgan


  1. Awesome pictures. Aren't the whales great when they breach like that. We had a similar experience. And the whale song when you're snorkeling sent chills up our spines. We'll check out Ulalena for our trip in September.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Absolutely so much gorgeousness! Congratulations! Can't get over how pretty it is there. Lotta love in those pics :)

  3. Very Sweet! Congratulations!

    Rick P.

  4. Thanks for sharing Tammy. LOVED all the glad u got to go there for ur anniversary!!! Bertha

  5. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    I can only imagine what it was like to see a whale that up close. Pretty awesome thing to have happen.

  6. Oh. Thank you for sharing this. ((and you guys are pretty cute!))

    Love love love the whale. And swimming in the sound of them. My heart races: I want that!

    Here's to long-term-relationships! Congratulations!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your pictures even made me miss Hawaii....almost. Sounds like you two had a blast, and I agree with you about Lanai; very cool.

  8. Stunning! Breathtaking! Tear-producing! I am shocked at the beauty. What an amazing trip. Happy Anniversary to you two cutie pies. Love you

    ANd wow, Jo looks like her mama in that picture. Is it just me?

  9. And please blow up that picture of you that Mark took! Gorgeous! The model, the setting. Just incredible.


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