Thursday, February 17, 2011

We're Back...and its snowing!

This was me a couple of days ago. Floating in the calm waters of Baby Beach on Maui.
This is the view today from the top of our driveway. Just a tad different, huh?
Eric and Jo helped us go feed and the snow is fun and lovely and dare I say, Cold. It is just a bit of a change. A shift in the mindset from swimming to sledding or from bikini to boots.
But the whole gang is happy to see us and we were surrounded with moos and neighs and maas and clucks and barks and wiggles, so who wouldn't be happy to be home. Besides, the views are lovely and the fire warm. Now, if I could just get busy on those tax forms.....

Here is a short clip of Sweet William in the snow.

More to follow soon about our wonderful vacation celebrating 3o years of married life.


  1. I love the video! Horses in the snow are way more romantic than bikinis on a beach--unless I'm the one on the beach;>

  2. Yep, a big change. I looked up Baby Beach on a map and it's just around the bend from where we stay at Kapalua. Now that you're back, I'll share that Betty and I are going back to Maui and the Big Island in September. We're going to take Betty's sister Margie with us.

    Looking forward to more pictures.

    Regards, Dan

  3. Dan, Baby Beach was right by our condo, but we went to Napili and Kapalua quite a few times. We hiked the 7 mile trail and the coastal trail there as well. I loved the northern area. You are going to miss seeing and hearing the whales in September, but it will still be nice.

  4. Oh My! Drastic difference!

    We just celebrated our 29th. Maybe next year in Hawai'i and that would suit me just fine.

    Glad you're home safe and sound. I love hearing the delighted cow in the video clip. You are so loved!

  5. We moved from Hawaii to Montana this summer and I have to admit that I much prefer the beautiful snow to the endless summer, and I don't even have the beautiful view or horses!

  6. If I were you, I'd blow so many of these gorgeous pictures up onto canvases.

    Can you imagine how full my hard drives would be if I lived where you do?!!!!!


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