Sunday, March 20, 2011

And Perse Came Home

Perse has been residing on the neighbors place for a number of years. I had bottle fed her and befriended her and then she left me for a bull across the fence. How fickle! But now she is home and with a new calf. I forgive her, she is welcome here.

She actually ran up to me last week while she was in labor. I hung out with her until I got too cold in the rain and then later went back to where I left her and I couldn't find her. I had thought she had left me again. But no, she was here the whole time, just waiting until her calf was big enough to join the herd here at our house. It is so silly, but I love this cow. She often runs up to me and licks my face and moos softly. It always warms my heart.


  1. That is so sweet. Now you're going to have to charm her calf who seems a bit wary.

    Thanks for the warm feelings.


  2. She totally loves you! What a little sprint she did to get to you. Too cute. I love how much you adore your animals. The cows at the Wade Ranch should be treated so kindly.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. The
    human-animal relationships are

  4. Perse!
    Is she Jersey/Brown Swiss?
    Ohmigoodness! I do love cows, and they are amazing animals. They do have their special people, too. I love love love that she came to you in labor=Trust.


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