Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meandering on a March Day

I have been spending too much time glued to the depressing news out of Japan so in between rain showers I head out to the yard to begin working on our garden beds. I spy some cows.

I think the cows might need some food, so I holler and go down to the barn to give them some hay. I listen closely and I hear a roar. I hike to investigate.

Oh, just the falls. JUST the falls! After some quiet time I head back up the hill, huffing and puffing and with lots of stops to enjoy the scenery. The buckeye trees are leafing out. And Kate always seems to get the highest vantage point. If I had more energy I would climb up there and enjoy the view. The view was lovely. Kate's pretty good with the camera.

By the time I get home I was wet on the inside andand cold and too tired for gardening. I eat my lunch. Our garden beds will have to wait for another day because I feel renewed enough for another round with the news.

I mourn for the Japanese and for our world. A horrible natural disaster coupled with a serious nuclear incident shrouded in mystery and lies.

I think of the beauty that surrounds us, surrounds me created by a loving God and I realize that I don't walk in peace with such a world. I consume too much. Use too much. Want too much. Greed is what powers a lot of grief and I think about that on this showery March Day.

Enjoy what you got.


  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the falls and good thoughts (good in a thought-provoking way).

    Remember the old Christian song - "Some times he calms the storm and other times he calms the child."

    Let him calm you in the midst of this storm.


  2. Your words are so true....He has blessed us, by making us free to choose and have free will. "What was he thinking?" LOL I know my need list is empty, but wont list is pages..... Beautiful pictures.


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