Saturday, April 16, 2011

Listen to the Frogs Sing.

Chorus of frogs singing outside. The night is dark with a cover of clouds occluding the stars. I have been a bit down from lack of sun and wondering when the sun will shine consistently again.

The lack of sun didn't seem to bother our recent young guests though. I really loved their enthusiasm. They were never 'bored'. Ever. They read, they played imaginative outside games on top of a rocky hill nearby (that they discovered all by themselves), they mined the rocks and rode the goat and jumped on Charlie all by themselves a time or two (I told them it would be OK), gathered eggs and tamed the wild chicks. Sometimes they helped me in the garden and once came over to do crafts and I wheeled out my supplies of markers, paints, crayons and paper and bric a brac and let them go at it. They did watch some TV too, but not too much.

I ponder their zest and my lack there of this evening. I know that being a little down, for no apparent reason, is part of life and I have experienced it before. So I keep on going on and wait for the spirit to move me. In the meantime, I try to savor each moment as it comes and you know what, it always seems to be enough. And the frogs sure seem to like the rain. "One man's junk is another man's treasure."


  1. Tami,
    That is hybrid journalism--a new buzzword. I loved listening to the frogs (although I could have just opened my window).

    How did you record it?

  2. I just used my camera. It was dark. LOL. Actually, I also covered the lens with my hand.

  3. I love hearing the frogs sing. It's such a treat here, as it's usually too dry for them.

    I always feel so blessed when we ride up to the pond and hear the frogs. In the thirteen years or so that I've been riding up there, I've only heard them a handful of times.

  4. It's not surprising you're down a little after having those two boys around. We're that way after being with our grand kids. Life is still good.

    I did the same thing in Hawaii to capture the night sounds. Neat.


  5. Loved the frogs.

    I can sympathize with needing some sunshine. We had snow again this morning. Enough already!



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