Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Time Activity

We have been busy this past week.
We saved some potatoes from last year down in the basement and they were begging to be planted. We first had to make some changes in the garden.

These old tractor tires have served as wonderful raised beds for over 20 years. Unfortunately, the gophers really had a feast last year on the potatoes so we decided to add some new beds.
Mark lined them with hardware cloth that we hope will keep the little buggers out.

Then we filled them with soil gathered from the forest and some we purchased. The potatoes are happy to have new beds to grow in.

We also went on a drive around the property checking on the young trees that were planted after the fire in 2003.
They are growing well. If you look closely you can see Mark in this photo and it gives perspective on the trees height.
It was also time for a cow parade to the corrals. They are getting easier and easier to lead. (Except the cows I left under the shade of some trees, I guess they aren't ready yet.)
We had interested parade goers gawking from the hill.
All of the cattle got vaccinated, wormed, and vitamins. The youngsters also got branded, banded (if male) and tagged with an ID in their ear.
Most of the calves were big enough to be handled in the chute, but Perse's little one was too small, so she got the special treatment from Jo and Eric. Mama was right there making sure it was all done perfectly and in order. Only the best for the friendliest cow's calf.
While it is now once again spitting rain, one can tell that spring has finally come.

"the amen of nature is always a flower"


  1. Great pictures. One question though. How do you know potatoes are happy? Do their eyes squint?


  2. Sometimes, Dan. But a squint can also be from the effect of sunshine after so much time in the basement. I think it's the twinkle that is a better "tell". mark

  3. I think I was looking in the wrong picture for Waldo! I searched and searched! I then saw him on the picture below. Ha!

    Dan is so cute. How can I ever comment after him?

    Cannot believe you could brand that calf with mama standing right there. She must really trust you guys! Our cows are MEAN!

  4. Hi TJ, Great post and pictures, I'm hoping to get in the garden next week. It's still really wet here. Our state is sure pretty this time of year.

  5. just want to second that beautiful "amen!'

    And I am in love with Perse.

  6. What great looking raised garden beds. You should market those, Mark. Very professional. Perse is pretty wonderful..for a cow. It is amazing how well you can train cows, too, with a little patience. The lady that boards our horses moves her cows around the pastures a lot. She shows up with a horse in her stock trailer, unloads the horse and hops on bareback, leaving the trailer gate open inside the pasture. She starts riding slowing around the herd and they walk over to the trailer and self-load. In a matter of minutes she gets them loaded and off to the new pasture. Pretty cool to see.

  7. We are moving our cows to greener pastures tomorrow if it isn't pouring rain. I hope they move as easily as yours! We've been bribing them with treats all winter so we will see if it pays off.

  8. looks like y'all are keeping good and busy:) Your place is amazing, I just love seeing all the pictures.


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