Saturday, May 14, 2011


a t-post with a slide hammer t-post driver/remover. It sounded a little bit different because this type of driver can also be used to remove t-posts which is a good thing when you put one in and hit a rock or it goes crooked.

Good guessing Lodgepole, Mikey and Bill.

Here is a photo of a section of patched fence. Mark wasn't too proud of it, but it will work just fine. Last year we had 2 young horses (Meeme and Sequoia) who tried to jump this low spot and got injured. We (said very loosely as I mostly watched) backed up all of the old rotted posts with tall t-posts and added another strand of wire. Someday, we will have to quit patching, but for now, it's good enough and looks a heck of a lot better than all of the little yellow caution tape flags I had flying on it warning the horses of danger.
Ok, who knows what these are? They are hanging on another section of our horse pen.

(this is a partial repeat of a previous post that disappeared yesterday during some 'oops' blogger was having, did anyone else lose posts?)


  1. Always good to find a good home for any horse - especially a good one.


  2. That's pretty neat that it removes posts too. Mine only puts them in :) Takes a truck to get them out (least that's the way I do it)

    You've got me stumped on the last pic. I have no idea what those are.

  3. I think they're your cable, telephone and power lines. They do things pretty loose in rural areas.

    Just kidding, I have no idea what they are.

    I didn't lose a post, but I lost our comments on one post.

  4. Cool t-post driver! I cuss, rock it, cuss, rock it etc. to remove one.

    Used heavy wire cables?


  5. Hi TJ, I've never seen that kind of driver before....we use a high lift jack to pull post.

    Blogger didn't loose my post, but they sure made it hard to share to facebook.

    We're loosing our green on this side of the state, how about yours?

  6. Darn, I missed a trivia question. Always a day late. . .


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