Monday, May 16, 2011

The Greening

We had a crazy dusting of snow yesterday. Johanna and Eric had just planted there vegis and they made a mad dash out to cover up the plants with pots. How can the weather go from 70's to 30's in a blink of an eye?

Besides yesterday's snow though everything is coming up green.

The ferns.

The grass.
The trees. I love the way the end of the fir branches looked dipped in lime green. That is new growth and it happens every year, although it seems to me that it is a bit later this year.

In case you are wondering....This is one long three-quarter inch diameter wire rope cable. This is the stuff choker cables are made of to pull logs out of the forest. There is about 200 yards of cable hanging there so it doesn't get rusty. Why, you may ask, do we have 200 yards of cable hanging on our fence? This is the question I asked my husband recently and the answer is a bit humorous.

Apparently, or so he remembers, way back in yonder years when our friend Jerry and Mark's dad first got this place, there was a log way down the hill by the creek that they wanted to get. Jerry drove the 977 CAT down the hill to fetch it and was unable to bring the log back up and then he realized he was unable to bring the CAT up either. And the CAT had no winch. What were they to do? They tried borrowing neighbor Gil's D-7 to go down and bring up the stuck CAT, but as flat landers, they were unsuccessful. So they got this big spool of cable and were going to make a pulley system to bring the CAT up. They were going to use the D-7 as a weight going down the hill on the cable to draw up the 977 on the other end of the cable. Luckily, for them, Gil showed up and catskinner that he is, successfully used his CAT to bring up the other CAT. And the cable has hung on that fence ever since. Cable anyone?


  1. Flat Landers,thats a commonly used word in my family. My Dad's, Dad was a catskinner for years.
    It's so beautiful at your place, wasn't that storm something? We had hail and it snowed about 8 inches at the cabin (5,000 ft)in LaPorte.

    The challenges come from Sunday Stills, go to
    any one can play along. Each Sunday is a new challenge, you post your photos to your blog for that challenge on the following Sunday and then go to Sunday Stills comments and let them know your taking part and that your pics are up. Every one is really nice. This next Sundays is, "In The Sky" check it out and come play.

  2. What a story. So cool your ranch has such a rich history. I really enjoyed this.

    Things are looking beautiful.


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