Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Trails

We've been away.... visiting. Our daughter and grandson met us in Fresno, Ca for a week of

taking the grandbaby from house to house of relatives. He was a little trooper.

We also attended the college graduation of our son's fiance and the bar-b-que celebration after wards that included bocci ball with oranges, no less.

And we went wedding dress shopping. She found the dress, but this isn't it.

And attended an engagement party and 'after the party party' for our son and soon to be daughter in law.

We are fatigued. Too much celebrating, but not too much baby. Never too much baby. But all good things come to an end and we are home and the horses all came out to greet us.

This guy with the birds is Sequoyah. His second birthday is coming up at the end of the month. He is a tank with an incredibly good disposition. Unflappable. Soon to begin formal training.

Mustang Buddy had to stop my car for some scratches and to breathe in my nose to make sure it really was me.

And Sweet William lived up to his name by giving me some of his terrific hugs. It is good to be home and tomorrow I will ride. I always miss riding the horses when I am away.

Happy Trails to you.


  1. Your daughter and grandbaby are so beautiful! What a fun trip :)

  2. Oh TJ-- what a beautiful baby! You got some good lookin' kin there lady! ;)

    Nice shots of the horses. Love Sweet Williams eye!

  3. Thanks so much for coming to visit! I always love when you guys come to stay with us. Can't wait to see you again soon. :)

    Love you guys!

  4. What a precious baby! Looks like a super great trip.


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