Friday, May 20, 2011

Work in the City

If I lived in the city
I would be a gardener
Who works in the cool of the day
Before many people are stirring
And the shadows stretch
Listening to the song birds sing
And the mourning doves coo.

My pants would stain green on the knees
From kneeling before the throne of nature
Co creator with God in order and right
I'd mow everything down to an even height
And sculpt the shrubs in the way they should go.

And I would give lime green and silver pens
To those who walk by.

If you live in this area code, he had a nice smile.


  1. That's really good. What would you give to the men who walk by?


  2. Haha Dan. I changed the poem, so now your comments makes less sense. I thought about your question and decided I needed to take the gender out of it.

  3. Are you saying that nature is co-creator with God? Not so sure on the theology of that line being true. or am I misreading the intent of the line? Dylan

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Nature, I believe, was created by God. The Gardner is the co creator through the mowing and trimming; as in an artist creating.

  5. Just popping into your commentbox to give you a big hug.

    "The Eve Tree" has brought me so much joy and from what Rae has said it sounds like you planted its seed.

    Thank you,

    warm regards from Australia,



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