Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bull:1/ Tj: 0

I never work with the bulls. They are big, I am small. They are fast, I am slow. I am scared and they know it. I do fairly well with the cows and calves. Honestly, they could run me over just as easy, but for whatever reason, they don't intimidate me much. The bulls do. But, this evening, pushed for time and over confident, I broke my rule and one big bull could have broke me.

It was a long day. Got up at 5:00. Fed the animals around the house, posted a new blog (OK, I am kind of sick). Sorted and loaded calves. Took the calves to the auction. Hung around town until the sale, watched our calves sell (they did well) got the check and put it in the bank. Yay. Delivered ground beef to our local restaurant, ate dinner there, picked up our mail and drove towards home. Almost home and the truck died. Eric and Jo were following in their truck, so Eric delivered Jo and I to the ranch, unhooked his trailer, picked up a new fuel filter and went back to tow his dad if necessary.

Jo and I walked down the mountain to where the front cows were penned to sort out some that we decided to not preg check tomorrow. There were some bulls there too. First pen we sorted went smooth. No problems with the cows or the two young bulls.

The guys showed up, our truck was running with the new fuel filter installed. Yay. However, after loading bulls up to take to bull pen, truck won't start. Boo.

It was getting dark so we headed to the middle barn to sort those cows while the guys figured out the truck. Put some hay in the sorting pen to coax the cattle in and then got started sorting. First cows cut off easy as pie. I was thinking that Jo and I were really good at this. Women Rule!

Then Clay, our old, sweet, gentle spirited bull decided he didn't like his cows leaving. He started getting agitated. OK, I thought, I will just move him into a different area to get him out of my way. Broke the bull rule again, but hey, I did fine last time. He started walking well for me, then later balked. I let him go back to the cows. I tried sorting the cows around him again and he got agitated once more and headed down the walkway. I decided to make another attempt to move him to another pen. This time when he decided to turn around I tried being just slightly forceful and I shook my paddle at him. He walked a bit further. Yeah, I thought. I'm the woman.

Then he turned around and walked right at me. Good time to jump on the fence, I thought. Only my legs were tired and I twisted my ankle and I did not land on the fence but right along side the fence with a big bull staring me in the eye. Without even a wink or a how are you he bumped his big, black head right in my thigh. I fell down, I think mostly from fright. From somewhere I heard a girlish scream. The bull walked right over me carefully and I swore I heard a chuckle.

I could have died or been broken or something. Instead, I am just a little shaken. Thank you Lord.

The guys showed up and they got the bulls out and then I did sort the cows. Very poorly I might add because I was still full of nerves and my poor cows could sense it. And I might have been a little sharp with my family. Oh well. Live and learn. And suddenly both of those seem very important.


  1. Sheesh woman be careful! That is scary. Bulls scare me (actually cows do too. Luckily you are much braver than I.)

  2. Glad you came out of that one o.k. Tammy! You must know that bull was just playing with you, since he could have easily killed you by using more force with the same action. I have great respect for bulls. They are just too big and powerful, and they know it. Glad you have a kind one. Probably worth his weight in gold!

  3. Now remember. When in doubt go back to your very first sentence - "I never work with bulls."


  4. Talk about "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..."! The adventures never end when you're dealing with livestock. It's why the rest of us get our meat from the STORE. You two have some hard-working guardian angels... thanks for the great stories, Tami!

  5. Yikes! Be careful woman! It's something in the air/weather that's making the bulls act unusual this year, I'm sure of it. Glad it wasn't worse!

  6. I think bulls are smarter than horses. Occasionally, bulls think "Hey! I'm WAY bigger than people!"

  7. Dang straight, Bill. Honestly though, it was a rookie mistake. I was too tired and irritable. I am with Marleeo though, good thing he was only playing with me.

  8. Scary! Be careful. You're the only Tj we've got!

  9. We are glad you are okay! You guys have all the excitement!I don't think I am going to be allowed to come visit anymore until my life insurance policy is checked. I am not sure being run over by a bull is covered. I better check. We have a new bull that is a bit onery. Thanks for the reminder!

    Rick P.

  10. when the ranchers' stray cows show up on our acres, we pretend cowgirls saddle up and go round them up and drive them out (and then they head back home on their own). When the ranchers' stray bulls show up on our acres, we pretend cowgirls go in the house and call the ranchers to send their cowboys to come get their bull.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  11. This sounds like one of those Mark tales to me--where is the photographic evidence?! ;)

    Glad you're OK, my friend. Love you


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