Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Day in the Sun

The sun finally came. YES. Full days of sunshine and 70 degree temps are lined up in a row on the accuweather page. It has been a long winter.

One of my favorite things to do in the sun is ride around checking on the cattle. It isn't important or anything, but it sure is enjoyable.

The cows all seem glad to have grass that is finally full of vitality. By 10 am they are already having their first coffee break, AKA as chewing their cuds. When the grass is weak, they spend a lot more time eating. These cows name's are Peaches, Emma and Purty and their calves were laying in the shade behind me.

This calf got his first kiss from Kate. Kate loves to stand still and call in the unsuspecting for a brief kiss before she goes in for a little grip. Of course, the cows are on to her, but their older calves are fair game. But not the babies. I don't let her play games with them and their mamas would come after Kate even if I did let her. We have too many coyotes and most of the cows defend their youngsters.

These are the twins that were born this spring. (We are bad ranchers and haven't gotten everyone on the same calving schedule.) These two really got us mixed up when they were first born. We saw one at a time with the mother, but not together. Then a few weeks later, saw both of them with their mother and we had another cow that apparently was missing a calf. Mark thought it was a case of calf nabbing. We have had over maternal cows take on the calf of a less than maternal mother. I sat around watching and waiting and eventually all was accounted for as the missing calf showed up and we realized we had a set of twins. They are cute and they do everything together.

No ride would be complete without a stop to lay in the grass and do a little posey picking. Ahh, summer is coming. Hallelujah and AMEN.


  1. We went straight from winter to summer here at the lodge. Looks like you just did the same!


  2. Okay, I like the cattle pictures the best. We have never had twins, that would be twice as nice! We may have beat you on the weather. We had three days above 75 degrees last week. Now back to cool and rainy. Love it!

  3. Hi TJ, Thank You, that was really nice what you said.....I feel the same way, that if we lived close to each other, there would be a lot of coffee drinking and not much getting done....LOL

    I have to tell you, when I first started my blog I would look at the stats every day no body had stopped by, you would have thought the world came to an end the way I was crushed ......I had to laugh at myself for being such a it's just fun to look and see where everyone comes from. I have a flag counter and thats really fun.
    Isn't this weather wonderful!

  4. Nice pictures and good words. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a great view in these pictures, very nice, i love it. It looks that you had a great time.


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