Saturday, June 18, 2011

Get You Cowboy Boots On

Today is our local Rodeo in the Redwoods, AKA Garberville Rodeo. It is very small and fun. Parade in town at 11, Jr. Rodeo and Kids Games at 1:3o. Steak barbecue starts at 4:30 followed by a PRCA Rodeo at 7. I got these flashy boots at a second hand store and have been wearing them for years. They are comfy and fun.

I will probably be wearing them too for gathering our cattle, which starts tomorrow. UGH! I should enjoy gathering, but I don't. Every June we sell some of the fall calves at the Humboldt Auction Yard (saving others for next years grass finished beef). I hate the mamas bawling for their babies and the way they all trust me and follow me into the pen. Well, it is good they trust me because it keeps their stress down and what used to take a week to do, now takes 3 days. One day I bring in the west ridge herd; the next the front herds and on the third day we go out and push in or capture in portable panels the ones who got missed. But I don't look forward to this work at all. I don't think I am cut out to be a cattle rancher. At least not the selling part. Hahaha. I like the raising part. I'm good at that. Of course, we couldn't do the raising part very well without the selling part. There is always a catch somewhere.

But for this morning I am going to enjoy the sun and work on our Three Sisters Garden, which consists of corn, squash and beans combined in hills. And later, The Rodeo.


  1. That's my kind of fun. I love rodeo, especially small town rodeo. Also, I'm sure the food is good.

    Great looking boots.


  2. Hot boots, my friend! Hope you had fun.


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