Monday, June 6, 2011

Horse Sales

Rosa came to Eric and Jo from a neighbor a year or so ago. She turned into a very safe and sound trail horse. And last month she was sold to a vet from Brookings, Oregon. It was great knowing she was going to a responsible and knowledgeable person.

Eric and Jo are now in the process of selling Belle.I have to admit I am in love. I have always had a sweet spot for a horse of color. I once had a pinto named Spot. He was a unregistered tobiano built like a jeep. I also housed and trained a registered chestnut paint overo named Jack for my 4-H group. Jack turned out top notch and took many a child on a turn around the ring.

Eric knew Belle would catch my eye. He got her from a friend of a friend who hadn't really ridden her in years. Eric and Jo have been putting in some time on her and have discovered that she is very well trained. She needed a little hoof care, and still a little weight loss, but other than that she is pretty much good to go and easy to catch and easy to love too. I am hoping she can go to another good home. And I am trying to fight the inclination to make her mine.


  1. She is a beauty. I loved you Sunday stills.

    We're about to head to places where I won't have Internet access so I'll be off line for a week.


  2. Hey Tammie.... I am going to nominate you for Discovery "Animal Hoarding" show!!!!!!! LOL!! Chicks, ducks, goats, horses..... I don't know... You may need intervention!!JK


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