Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

Here is a mother and daughter duo that hid during our recent roundup. The one on the right is the mother. She's smart. But I'm smarter. I found them hiding under a big bay tree and coaxed them into a near by portable pen. From there we hauled them in the trailer to our holding pen. They had two nice big boys. Funny thing is that one was marked as a heifer and it still had its testicles. Someone made a mistake last spring! We put the bull through the chute and we used the big bander and he is now back running around our ranch till next time. I think that he will make someone an excellent steak or burger.


  1. Smarter than the average cow, Boo Boo.


  2. No wonder his mama was hiding him ;)


  3. Dan is hilarious and all your photos are gorgeous!

    American Alps, hee hee!! :)


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