Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

The Players:

Our friends Brian and April.

Our lovely Johanna and her toad.

Ranger Rick.

Johanna's brother Seth.

Johanna's Dad Mike.
(Ever since he became Sheriff, I can't seem to get a photo of his face. I think he has learned how to avoid the paparazzi. JK.)

And Johanna's mom, Annette, who looks like she has her mouth full of something and is sporting Mark's secret
Elton John glasses.
(Everyone is going to kill me for posting these shots!)

And, of course, Mark and I of which I shall post no photos.

Last, but not least:
Jo is dog sitting again and we all love it.

The Activities:

Of which I have no photos because I was too busy getting beat.

Eating Lots of eating. These burgers are special.

Annette filled them with blue cheese and browned crumbled bacon. Fantastic.

Of course, not just wine, but I thought the photo was pretty.

Story Telling.
There were some whoppers.


Posey Pickin
Flowers are blooming everywhere right now.


Quite a bit of work actually.
We consider our guests our slaves and this photo was taken right after they moved the greenhouse. Manually.

And then we had Brian use his skid steer to move our fire pit,
and clean the barn and aerate and compress the manure pile.

The sheriff helped build a new varmint proof chicken pen, as well.
Like I said we were busy.

But not too busy for our last activity.
Which is sleeping.
We had lots of sleepers cuddled up to these adorable puppies who made the weekend extra fun.


  1. Great pics! I surely miss the wild iris that bloom. So beautiful...

  2. You live in the most beautiful place. Well, maybe the second most beautiful place...

    I love all the pictures.

  3. I love the part where you said you consider your guests your slaves.


    Looks like an amazing amount of fun!


  4. I agree with Rae! I was going to say the same thing about your guests being slaves! lol Love it!

  5. Looks like Johanna thought Eric had turned into a frog!! Thanks for such a great getaway weekend. We had a blast!

  6. Super fun post! Those burgers look amazing!! yummo.


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