Friday, June 3, 2011

Salad Greens

About the only thing growing well in this rain is greens. Yes, it is still raining here on the north coast and it is chilly too. We are thinking it is the Bahamas when it reaches 60. Needless to say, we are all feeling a bit water logged.

Jo and Eric the Bold did an experiment with salad greens. They split a 6 pack of leaf lettuce. This pot they filled with garden soil. This pot had garden soil and fertilizer. Both planted at the same time and setting in the same sun exposure. Obviously, fertilizer helps. But I will say that in the end they all tasted mighty fine.
Often, I don't go for fancy fertilizers. Spring and fall I add a little composted horse poop to my garden and call it good. But seeing the difference in these greens does make me wonder. What do you think?


  1. That sure does make a difference. Now you've got me thinking I need to fertilize my pots... hmmm...

  2. Horse poop makes everything taste better - right?

    Looks good.

    Dan (in Mount Vernon, Ohio)

  3. I avoid fertilizer too and will continue to do so but sometimes I too wonder about it. linda

  4. I've been using compost tea on my garden and it works great; I pour some on the soil before planting and a diluted strength during the growing season too. I make it with chicken manure compost and a 55 gallon drum - like brewing a giant batch of sun tea.


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