Tuesday, June 7, 2011


We never installed any kind of statistical device on our blog. We were afraid it might change what we write about. Our primary purpose here is to remember and keep track of life and to share it with others. We think of our audience as being those we know or come to know through their blogs and comments. But this all changed recently when I noticed the tab that is entitled, 'Stats'. Apparently, we no longer need to add this program. I clicked it and discovered that people from all over the world have checked out this little blog. (BTW- Where is Bhutan?) This feels me with a bit of trepidation and wonder. Really? You like to see what we are doing. Wow. Neato. Awesome. And apparently quite a few people each week, averaging about 50, would like to know how to cook mountain oysters. Type in 'how to cook mountain oysters' on Google search and this is what you'll find. Top hit. Amazing.

Then I discovered the URLs and websites that referred folks to us and I was surprised again.

Our number one reference was Google, because of those mountain oysters I presume, but I also discovered that the Northcoast Journal has us listed on their blogwatch. Pretty cool. The Journal is a free local paper that is top rate and takes an in depth look at many issues that are important to the north coast. A couple more local blogs that refer to us are the Redheaded Blackbelt and Sohum Parlance II. Kym, a red haired black belt, who is also our neighbor, has a very popular and informative blog. During the Japanese disaster, she often posted news ahead of the syndicated stations. Sohum Parlance is fun to read for political views and the lively comments. And a big thanks and shout out to Mikey in Arizona as she comes in second for references to our blog. Mikey must have a huge following. She lives a crazy life with her hubby Wade and adorable daughter Mercy. Most posts are about horses, dogs and all the bizarre things that make her life great. A new blog I follow is 5 Starr's Farm and I feel like I could really be friends with this blogger. If only she lived on this side of the mountains. I love her photos and her down home sentiment. Another supporter is GunDiva. She is a gun shooting, horse riding, and tale spinning gal from Colorado who has many fantastic stories from her days as a dude string leader. I encourage you to check all these blogs out.

Stats. Who knew? Now I just have to be careful and not let it influence me. Too much.


  1. We have stats, lol? Who knew!? No, actually I used to go thru Google stats once in a while. I never knew Blogger had put up a stats button till you said so!
    Thanks for the shout out, I promise I don't have a huge following, but I appreciate every reader. Thanks for teaching me something new today!!

  2. Who knew mountain oysters would be so popular? You get more page views per day than I do and that's great. I love reading your blog. Especially since we hope to come out to that area next summer.

    Keep writing.


  3. We love you guys!!

    And I bet I would not hesitate to leave my horse in your care, baling twine or not ;)

    Have an amazing day out there!

  4. Stats - blogs have stats? It is kind of odd to think that people you've never met are reading your blog isn't it? We have the advantage of knowing you guys and the ranch so it makes it all seem much more personal to us. Keep up the good work! And where is Bhutan??

  5. Wow, thanks TJ!

    I love the stats thing - I can spend hours trying to analyze all of them :)

  6. Really cool! I think I'll google r. oysters. . . :) Keep on keepin' on!


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