Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Round Up

It is just starting to get light outside and I am taking a moment to have a cup of coffee before we head over to the corrals to sort the calves from their mothers. We haven't been keeping gentleman rancher hours the last few days, but as of Monday evening all of the cattle were gathered. Well, there was the one little mishap with 2 spring calves that got away and Eric the Bold getting ran over and the panels welds didn't hold and they broke across his knee and then there was another mishap he had while we were banding a big bull that I missed gathering in the spring that flung his head and somehow Eric again got his arm smashed and twisted and it could be fractured and I lost my phone. But still, all the cattle are fine (they followed me in record time) the fall calves look pretty good and soon we will load the trailers and head to town. We took one load in last night and the animals seemed happy to enter into the coastal weather as it has finally (yay) become hot here. Tomorrow the preg check will take place and then all the cows will be turned out and I can quit being their hay slave. They bellow and I beckon or perhaps it is the other way around.


  1. Wow, that's a lot in a fairly short post. Tell Eric to get better soon. So, how're you going to spend your time if you're not leading cows around?


  2. Oh my. I hope Eric is better soon, and you find your phone. Doing anything with cattle is always a hoorah. We're shipping out right now, as we catch them, and the Rancher just came and tipped the last bull's horns :) A good day... so far...


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