Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cow Horn Tipping

Lakia had a problem, she came to us for help.
Eric brought his sawzall.

She gave an audible sigh of thanks.

A little spray for fly protection.

And the job was done and Lakia went back to grazing.

We have no idea how her horn grew so much since April when we gave her her vaccinations.


  1. Ouch! And I thought an ingrown toenail was bad.


  2. FUNNY Dan! kind of a bummer for the cow, though.

  3. Yeeouch! Amazing that they can grow that fast. There's someone's stray out here that has a horn heading that way. Now you make me want to take a closer look at her... I can't imagine what would happen if people weren't around to lop that thing off.

  4. Good idea Mikey. We saw it was headed that way during the first week of April, but we didn't have the tools to cut it and thought we could get it next time. It must be the rich spring grass that upped its speed of growth. Very strange. We only have 2 cows with horns, thank goodness.

  5. Owowowowowow.


    I could FEEL the sigh of relief.

  6. Ouchie! That just makes me cringe.

  7. Well, doesn't that look uncomfy! I love gross cow pictures. It is one of my love languages. :)


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