Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rubbing Elbows

The *hunting clients got a kick out of my redneck sign (which was my intention) and had Mark and Eric pose carrying it Sherpa style so they could get a photo. They seemed to be having a good time. It might have been the local micro brews or it might have been the change of pace and lifestyle. We are pretty sure they are gizillionaires or something.

They flew in on their own private jet. The pilot came to the ranch too and he has to enjoy his job. Another, while now retired, is part owner of a very well known company. The other has a large commercial construction business. He was the one with the plane and pilot. And they all seemed to have homes and properties in numerous places.

I only met them under a blanket of stars on a warm summer night. Couldn't even tell you what they looked like or what age they were. We were waiting for the recently killed buck to be brought up the hill. They seemed very nice. Good vibe. Mark spent a little more time with them and enjoyed their company very much. Eric and Jo said they were the nicest clients ever. Of course, it might be because they were invited to come visit sometime at the lodge one has on a ski resort somewhere in Colorado. But I think not.

Rubbing elbow with the rich makes one realize that people are people. There are nice ones and bad ones in all the economic brackets.

I talked with my daughter-in-law, Jo, a bit about what it might be like to be rich. Her response, "Look out the window. We are rich!"

Amen to that.

*This is Eric's second season working for Arrow 5 Outfitters, who specialize in bow hunting. They offer hunts here on the North Coast as well as some parts of the southwest and Mexico.


  1. Jo truly is a wise woman. You are rich. You're right about people being people. Betty's older brother is rich. He was the CEO of Atlantic Richfield Oil Company (now retired). However, he is one of the nicest, most decent people you could ever want to meet.


  2. I second that! Years ago my job required that I work with all sorts of folks some of whom were rich and famous movie stars, politicians, etc. Some of them were the nicest people, some not so much. Just like all the rest of us.


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