Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Then and Now

I started most of our garden from seed this year. Here were our lovely pepper plants at the end of May. I planted them in the garden and they were doing well.
Now they look like this. The ducks found them. I should have realized ducks eat everything green.

So, now the ducks are behind chain link fence and I think they are going to be invited to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.
Luckily they don't like tomatoes. Here were our tomato plants at the end of May,
and here they are today. They are loaded with lots of tomatoes, but none are ripe yet. I am excited to see all sizes and shapes. I have no idea what I planted as I bought one seed packet that was labeled "the best of the show" and the other was "heirlooms". I love a good surprise.


  1. Nothing like a fresh tomato. I'm sure they'll be great.


  2. I'm pretty sure those Ducks will not appreciate the invitation to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love your Beer sign and I would agree with what your daughter in law said about being rich sure wouldn't be a good substitute for family and home.


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