Monday, July 25, 2011

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rosie

My uncle and aunt and their DIL rolled into town to check out the ranch and the local car show. My cousin, Harvey, who I hadn't seen in years was here showing his car. My uncle and aunt still travel around a lot and are an inspiration on how to age gracefully.

My uncle at 80 drives better than me and doesn't seem to mind the 8 hour drive to get here. My aunt and uncle were the only ones in our extended families to come to last years reception for Eric and Jo. That means a lot to us and we really enjoy their company too. They are a kick in the pants and know how to have fun.
My uncle began playing saxophone as an adolescent and played with adult dance bands at 13. My grandma had to travel around with him. Later he was drafted and the army put him in the band. He traveled all over the Europe playing in a band. After the war he was offered a job with Les Brown, but turned it down to become a butcher. He said life on the road wasn't a life for a family man. My aunt appreciated it. They raised 4 children. My aunt worked at the elementary school as an aide and then later in the library. While she may have retired, she hasn't given up trying out new things. Here she is trying out a hammock for the very first time. It looks like she liked it and she told my uncle they needed one for their backyard.
We really enjoyed our family visiting and the stories we shared of days gone by. My cousin and I decided we need to plan a heritage tour to St. George in the Azores, and my aunt piped in saying that she was ready to go too.


  1. What Fun, always nice to have family your Sunday Stills.

  2. St. George in the Azores. Sounds like fun.


  3. What great relatives you have! How cool that you can spend time with them - and the Azores sound like fun!


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