Thursday, August 4, 2011

Babysitting in Bend

We recently returned from a baby sitting foray in Bend, Oregon. These dear friends, family really, were traveling off to Chicago for an interview with a mission board and needed us to watch their oldest two children.
They took with them their recently arrived bundle of JOY. He is a darling baby. At 2 months he already sleeps through the night and smiles all the time and hardly every fusses.

They thought their children would be safe with us. I bet they didn't know there would be sword fights.
And wild walks along the sidewalk with baby.

And lots of chocolate milk,
and tea.

We also got some training wheels for the bike and taught him how to leave black skid marks.

We fed ducks,

and then 50 feet later along the trail we learned we had broke the law. OOPS.
Blowing bubbles was fun but....

they were more fun in the wading pool.

An outing to a playground brought lots of smiles. Like this.

or this. And legos were made into all kinds of amazing creations. This boy can build!

And sleep. I have to admit at the end of the day we enjoyed our sleep too.


  1. Great pictures and great looking kids. You guys can sit for me anytime Betty's out of town. You look like you would be a lot of fun.


  2. What great times! Loved all the pictures.


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