Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's all my fault!

I've been on a camera hiatus. Not sure why. But things have still been happening around the ranch.

Like the other night. We were sitting in the house sipping on a nice glass of wine when I heard a single hen squawking. Oops. I had forgotten to close their pen up at sunset. I ran out of the house yelling and ran directly into a raised garden bed. Ouch. Should have brought a flashlight. About this time Mark shot a gun hoping to scare the critter away. I make it to the hen house at the bottom of the garden and hear a quiet scuffling. Can't see a darn thing. I'm sure not going in there. The critter might have big teeth and a claws and red glowing eyes. I holler for Mark to put the gun away and bring a light. He does and we immediately see a single hen in the pen, on the ground, hunkered down. She looks alive. Inside the hen house is a big opossum happily eating eggs I hadn't picked up yet. I think perhaps it was like a nice glass of wine to him. All the other hens were quiet on their roosts up above with their eyes glued on the strange creature. They didn't make a peep. I guess the noise I heard was from the hen in the pen. She probably was roosting in a box and the strange creature with the big teeth and claws and red glowing eyes showed up. I would have squawked too. Well, At this point I have to say Mark whacked him in the head with the back of the flashlight and the possum then took a flying leap ( with a little lift from his tail) over the fence and onto an adjacent roof of the now empty sheep pen. Where he still lays, playing possum. I guess he won't be eating eggs again. I feel kind of bad though. If only I had closed the pen at the correct time none of this would have happened. (And the hens seem to have taken this in stride as a normal evening occurance.) I wonder what they think of us... or flashlights?


  1. Sounds like an interesting night. I'm sure it made your glass of wine much more appreciated once you were back inside.


  2. I have heard that they are marsupials. But I don't buy it. I know a 12 pound RAT when i see one.



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