Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Horse Ride

The buckeyes are heralding in AUTUMN with some branches bare and leaves turning golden in the mid day light. The weather so cool that it was perfectly acceptable to take off riding at lunch time.

We headed up to the top road and got a bird's eye view of our ranch and across the canyon.

Johanna, looking lovely as usual on Chica.

We passed some everlasts. They smell like butterscotch to me and look lovely dried in a vase all winter. WINTER! Let's not even think about that yet.

This burned area is just completely taken over by white thorn a nasty bush with nasty thorns, but they do have lovely white flowers in the spring. Can't forget the SPRING.

We were thankful for the road of sorts to ride through. These ears belong to Molly. This is the mare Mark fell/jumped off of last year. I have been riding her almost everyday in August and she is beginning to be a respectable horse.

Grand Finale. The giant redwood tree, (giant for our ranch anyway) and then back home to barbecue some London Broil, boil some new potatoes and eat a bunch of chips and salsa. Now I head back to the barn to untie Molly, as POST time is on her schedule each day as well. Then perhaps we will head down to the falls for a swim because we aren't quite ready yet to let SUMMER go.


  1. Hi TJ, Your ride looked fun.....beautiful day here too. That White thorn is awful...I have most of it cut out at the cabin.

  2. Lovely day. It looks like a beautiful area for a ride. I hope we can see you next Summer (probably August) and we can go for a ride.


  3. Believe it or not Dan, I put you and Betty down a while ago on my August 2012 day planner! Hope you can make it.

  4. Beautiful views! I would like to see the Ranch again. Oh wait! It's your turn for a visit!

    Cousin Rick.

  5. There are days that just BEG for riding...and a lot of them seem to come in the fall. Beautiful country; would love to head your direction some day.

    Laughed at your 'post time' comment. That is such a great training tool!


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