Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sea Treasures

The Sea's Treasures

In swept the sea

With a swirl and a swish,

It shimmered and whispered,

'Choose what you wish.'

And the sea showed its treasures

At the edge of the shore,

Shining bright pebbles

And shells by the score.

Long ribbons of seaweed

That shone gold and red,

'I'll share them, I'll share,'

The sea softly said.

Daphne Lister


  1. Beautiful, but completely alien to me. I grew up in Albuquerque and moved to Colorado. Rattlesnakes scare me less than molluscs do.


  2. Beautiful pictures. I didn't realize your ranch had such diversity. Did you find those in your pool at the falls?


  3. Haha Dan. The ocean is very close to us and we went there on Sunday.

  4. This post makes me miss the tide pools. I'm bummed Mercy doesn't get to experience the wonders that can be found there, like I did as a kid. I have GOT to take a trip up that way!

  5. Beautiful pictures and poem. Love the beach,but don't get there often.

  6. This made my day, I love the critters of the sea


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