Friday, September 9, 2011

Bluegrass Music and Farmer's Market

Mark has been extremely busy with the firewood business, so for the second time this year, I battled my hidden shyness and went alone to sell our grassfed beef at the farmers market. Albeit a bit nervously and with some trepidation. I always worry about things. Any thing. But, I had a great time at the market today. Good conversations and a lot of very positive feedback on our beef. But the best thing was the bluegrass group playing right beside me. I danced and toe tapped and smiled the whole, live, long day. I had one customer even tell me that I was glowing. "It's the music", I said. And it was. Music is good for the soul and I happen to love bluegrass. I wish I knew how to pick a fiddle or banjo or even sing in tune. Singing in tune would be good. Bluegrass is music that just begs for more participants. I guess I did my part by dancing a little and clapping. I was surprised when some of the customers didn't like the music. "It's all the same", some said, and "like fingernails on a chalkboard". WHAT! I was shocked. Yet, I shouldn't be. Different strokes for different folks, and all that.

All in all a good day. Apparently a happy, smiling face is good for sales too. I almost sold out.


  1. A happy, smiling face is good for far more than commerce. Happy Day. mark

  2. I was surprised when some of the customers didn't like the music. "It's all the same"

    Wow. That's exactly how I feel about rap and disco.


  3. Bill, that is how I feel too. Although I can handle a little disco now and then. Hahaha

  4. Hey I'm listening to Bill Monroe right now! I love bluegrass!

  5. Bluegrass and western are the heart and soul of American music. Love live cowboys and hillbillies!



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