Monday, September 19, 2011


Mark named the new yearling bull Johnson after the rancher we got him from. He is a Ray-Mar bull and Mr. Johnson brought a trailer load of bulls home from their recent sale and offered to sell/trade one to us. I picked from 3 bulls that he was willing to sell. One I didn't like at all. Too feminine. I almost picked a different beefier looking bull, but we didn't like his rounded butt, so Johnson was the lucky winner. I hope he will grow into a good bull, right now he seems a tad small. His EPD numbers look good though (Expected Progeny Difference). He is supposed to throw babies with good marbeling, small size at birth but with good growth. He scored in the top 25% for Angus in many categories, but he doesn't quite look that good yet to me. We will know more when he becomes a papa. For now he is hanging out in my steer pen eating hay and grain (we fatten a few on corn each year for buyers who want grain finished). Johanna has been seen hand feeding him and was talking of halter training. I am not quite sure if it was for him or Eric.


  1. Lol, give him time, he's just coming into his own.
    Johanna, I like that girl a lot :)

  2. With a name like Johnson he's got to be a favorite with the girls.



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