Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Oldest is Thirty

We wondered how it happened. How did our boy turn thirty? Just the other day he was climbing trees and making booby traps and reading, always reading, amidst his daily activities. When he was a baby I remember him just laying in his crib gazing inward. He looked like he was deep in thought trying to solve the problems of the world. We called him Little Z then. At preschool he once brought a globe to share with his classmates and talked about the drought in Africa and how kids were starving. Later, I remember him telling me how an anti gravity train would work, and it sounded doable. And he taught me how to understand the language of basic math, when he was in first grade. LOL. Always a thinker. He is a doer too. He has traveled in South America, run a marathon, acted in plays, played sports, learned street fighting,(Jiu jitzu) had numerous interesting jobs in interesting places. People love him. Now, he is thirty and engaged to be married in the spring. A man. He is kind and generous and loving to his neighbor. A son we are proud of. Congratulations Zac on the BIG 3-0! Glad we could be there for your fun party. And happy that so many people joined in for the fun. You are loved. BELOVED.
Zac and his fiance, Cristina (Teeny)


  1. Made me tear up a bit with your recollection of his youth. So sweet. I cannot imagine any of my kids 30, but then again I was shocked when Brooke just turned 12.

    Happy Birthday, Zac.

  2. So glad that you were able to make it out for the fiesta :) We had a great time and it's always a fun occasion when we can visit with you :) Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!!



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