Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sheriff Likes Lamb

Everything on this plate is home grown. Couldn't have been better except if we could have shared it with our friend, the sheriff. He, like me, loves eating lamb. This leg of lamb was slow roasted at 275 degrees for about 3 hours and embedded with home grown garlic. So this photo is for you Mike. It is the best we could do.


  1. Hi TJ and Mark, Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I love lamb,my mom raises Suffolk. It was always a joke,"Behind every successful cattlemen is his wife band of sheep"
    You post about Storing Up hit home, JS and I have been having the same conversation the past month. Always appreciate your comments....Sam

  2. Oh ! Leg of lamb on the BBQ spit.

    salt and pepper, then while its turning ,baste it with melted butter (real butter) and Brandy....No Garlic.

    Good Stuff !!!!!

  3. That looks great! I love Lamb! See you soon!

    Rick P.


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