Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sun Flowers

They come in a variety of shades and follow the sun. I still like the traditional yellow and brown ones best, but these sunset colored ones are nice too. If only I remembered their name. I thought I saved all of the seed packets, but now, when I finally have flowers and vegetables to identify, I cannot seem to locate them.

Summer was a long time in coming, but it feels like it is giving us a great big hug now. The days are very warm and golden and peaceful. Time seems to stretch out a bit more under the warmth.

I went for a bareback horse ride today in shorts under the hot noon sun and it brought back teenage feelings long forgotten. The sky bloomed bright and blue overhead with the road wide open.

It is a good thing I rode my faithful mustang Buddy, as this much older body isn't quite what it used to be and I only re-lived in my mind riding at full throttle over mountain roads to my grandparent's house. Today, I took the roads at a leisurely walk. More time to smell the fir trees and the dirt and the dried grasses giving off their perfume. More time to raise my face, like the sunflowers, and follow the Son.


  1. Lovely! (and I must confess I have those teenage feelings for you often) May you always see the road open before you. mark

  2. Great post. We were driving through Kansas several years back and there were thousands of acres of sunflowers. It was neat to see them in the pre-dawn hours turned toward the East waiting for the sun to rise.

    Ride to the Son.



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