Thursday, September 1, 2011

Watch out for the Crabs!

More memories from our recent trip to Shelter Cove.


  1. Brave girl - way to go.

    Looks like a neat place.


  2. Lol!! What a great place. My dad used to run his fishing boat out of Ft. Bragg down there. Great memories :)

  3. LOL! Love all the screaming. Kinda reminded me of going clam stomping when I was young.

  4. =) First you find a clam hole, then you stomp your foot down next to it, then you watch the water shoot up.
    Newbies to the fun of clam stomping always end up running around stomping with a trail of clams squirting water behind them. They feel brilliant until they stop and get squirted directly in the pants by the five holes around them.


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