Friday, October 7, 2011

Las Vegas Baby

I've been away visiting my grandson in Las Vegas and while the Mark of this blog was home on the ranch, he didn't have any time to update our blog. He is behind in firewood deliveries and we have already gotten our first 4 inches of rain, so he has some unhappy customers.

My grandson is wonderful and I loved Vegas this time. I never once visited a casino, but spent my days enjoying my 'baby', my daughter and taking evening walks with their adorable dog Bella. I also got to help organize and rearrange my daughter's new Kindergarten room. I once taught preschool, so I loved being back in a classroom and felt useful.

Now I am heading home. I turned on my computer for the first time (can you believe it) to do my flight check in and thought I should do a quick update.

Here is the view from my window here in Vegas. Snowy mountains in the background that house a ski resort. A ski resort in Vegas? Who knew.

Once I get home, I should be back on my normal every day online status. I look forward to visiting all the blogs I have missed while I was away.


  1. Yeah, she'll catch up on all the blogs... just not first thing. ;) mark

  2. Mark, whatever do you mean?


    PS: Grand kids are great. We're enjoying our two girls now.

  3. Well, Mark was wrong. The first thing I did was add photos to this post.


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