Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Words Fail

 We've been home on the ranch almost 11 days and now it is time to head south.  I feel  wordless and empty of any blogging material. How did I ever keep this this blog going? 

 Time home was wonderful though.

 Bouncing Betty ( our Dodge truck ) was back in business after getting a re-built engine.  OUCH, that bill sure hurt.
 I just love these shadow shots, randomly inserted into my posts.  Like I said, I really don't have anything to say. 
We fed cows and I tried to make sure that they were all accounted for.

Macho helped.

The cherry tree is making buds.  Exciting stuff.  I planted more roses and lavender for spring.  And dug up weeds.  Lots more of those to go.

I loved on and rode on my horses. 

 And spent way too much time working on paper work and taxes.

We head south again and are hopeful that we will be spending less time with my folks.  They are doing well and the help that was hired is working out.  Taking care of one's parents is a new and life altering experience.  We started out full of vision and yes, a little pride, that we could do this for them, but have discovered that we had a lot to learn.  It is often easy to help someone who appreciates it, but much more difficult when your help is not.  But I think the help, the love is still valuable.  For love does cover a multitude of sins. 


  1. Your pictures are great. I love seeing your place. And I think it's neat that you named your truck after my Betty.


  2. Excellent pictures, as always. Love Macho there :) Glad you've gotten to spend time at the ranch. I sympathize with what you're going thru and totally understand about helping your parents. Much the same here. Frustrating sometimes, but love wins. Stay strong and come back soon!

  3. I've missed your post :)

    I love Macho - he's so helpful, checking over everything.

  4. Many years ago, I was told that the roles would be reversed between parent and child as I (and they) grew older.

    You know, I never really did appreciate what the did for me...


  5. glad to hear from you even if it is just a quick update:) Any time you write is good:) Love all the pictures, your place is sooooooooo beautiful!! Will keep up the prayers for sure:)

  6. Words do fail. I don't have the words to send you comfort so I'm sending you a hug from across the canyon.

  7. Considering you didn't think you had anything to say...I thought you did a pretty good job. I enjoyed the post a lot and I especially liked the photo of the ride between your horses ears and I also liked the photo of the feet that look like they are streched out enjoying a little down time.i do have to say though I absolutely hate your word verification...if I don't get it in two attempts comment.

  8. Like Max always tells me, random posts with lots of pictures are the best!

    I've already said it, but I'll say it again, you're a great daughter!!


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