Friday, March 23, 2012


I heard it snowed while we have been away.  It probably looked something like this photo.

We are still gone.  Should be driving home today, but life got in the way.  Took my mom to the heart specialist and found out her pacemaker is running out of juice, so  a new one gets put in on Wednesday.  Should be a simple in and out procedure, but I want to be here for her. Hopefully, we will be home on the ranch by next weekend.

We have been having fun though. Walking and visiting and drinking good coffee. And doing the round of my parent's doctor appointments.

 We also went skiing and I had an incredible fall.  Haven't fell like that since I was a teen.  It didn't knock much sense into me then and the jury is still out about this time.  All I can say is that the hill had a yard sale of equipment laid out above me.  I was lucky though and after I quit tumbling discovered all that was amiss was a sprained thumb and a sore spot on the head.   

Today though was special.  We took my parent's on a drive up into the Sierra foothills.  We passed the grass lands first and saw lots of cattle and I remembered our cows and how we need to gather soon to band and brand and vaccinate.  Funny, how I almost forgot that.  I have felt so out of sorts some times. 

Our destination on this drive was my grandparent's home that they personally built with wood they milled.  My dad has really been wanting to see the place one more time.  I spent summers there and I was looking forward to going, but had no idea what an impact it would have on me personally.

The new owners, of some 20 years now, were super excited to see us. They had really admired my grandma and you could tell they loved her home too.

 I was a little startled when the man intensely said to me,  "You are the grandaughter?  The one who lived here in the summer?  Your grandma talked a lot about you. She really loved you."  Then,  entering the home I was shocked by the flood of memories I received from the smell.  How could my grandma's smell still be there?  They had done remodeling.  Perhaps it is the cedar wood of the siding or the memory triggered the smell.  Then I saw the old wedgewood stove, with a fire burning.  I touched the warming oven's handle and  in my mind's ear my grandma's voice was sharp and clear calling me and in that instance I remembered who I was. Didn't  know I had forgotten.  Wow.  What an experience.  Thanks Grandma.


  1. Sometimes I'll catch a whiff of someones cigar, and I can hear my Grandpa...


  2. Wow, lots in this post. I'm glad you weren't hurt in your fall. I know what you mean about memories. Good experience.


  3. My grandmother's stacking Pyrex bowls add her magic to my cooking.

    I'm glad the fall didn't hurt terribly and the soul salve was available with a visit to a beloved place.

  4. Chills all over my body reading this post! I'm also crying a bit. Really amazing. Did you get any pictures??

    I went to my grandma and grandpa's old house about 12 years ago. That was pretty amazing for me.

    You are a great daughter! Your parents are very blessed to have you.

  5. Smell is a very powerful thing. I think it's something that needs studying much more! that's happened to me before, smelling something that throws me back to a place - my brother's house in California when I was 8 or so, the smell of Texas in the morning (recently was back there), the smell of a foreign country in the morning (seems to be morning where it's strongest), and they bring back all these memories!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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