Thursday, April 12, 2012

Until Next Time

We ended up being down south much longer than planned as my mom had to have a new pacemaker installed and needed our assistance.  By the time we rolled into the ranch we were more than ready to get back and looking forward to accomplishing something during the nine days we had.  But the days flew by and not a lot was accomplished.  Hopefully, our trip south will be short and our next time home longer. 

  When we first arrived we were hoping for taller grass.  It is green and growing, but still short.

 Too darn many horses, we think.  The horses tend to hang out in the front and you could tell that they have kept things eaten down more than other areas and their hooves cause more damage than the cattle as well.  Horse love must be an addiction, as I have the hardest time selling them.  But I am thinking of selling Belle again. She is the paint. I am the least attached to her and she is so darn cute it should make her easier to re-home. Any takers?

 Even though the grass is short all the cows and calves are fat.  The calves are getting big and we haven't been able to brand and band them yet.  We will definitely gather next week when we return home and get the job done.

I got the chance to take my favorite horse out for a ride.  Buddy may be homely with his winter coat, but my mustang is always a sweet ride for me. 

 Mark and I also spent time walking one side of our fence line.   We took photos of the bad spots, so we can remember where they are and go back with supplies. 

 We hiked about 4 miles that day and discovered that we had lost our hill legs.  We walk at least 4 miles a day down in the valley but these hills  whooped us.

 But we did get lovely views and saw many deer herds and pretty wildflowers.  I unfortunately only had my iphone and the up close photos turned out blurry.  More than my legs are out of shape.  My camera sense is too. I used to never leave home without it.

 I usually only photograph the lovely.  This back yard is not so lovely now and we did not get a chance to do a thing with it as my activities were cut short as I got an acute abscess of a tooth over the Easter weekend.  My dentist was out of town too.  Monday, his receptionist took pity on my sobbing and found me a dentist to remove the necrotic tissue  and I was much better. This week was shot though because I was  exhausted from the lack of sleep I got over the weekend. Worst pain I think I have ever experienced. 

This little guy has apparently had a rough time too.  He's missing part of his head and his hat.  But he's got his guns and his boots are still on.  All's not lost. 

We too, are adjusting to this crazy life of going back and forth between two loves.  The ranch and my parents.  Sometimes in life you just have to go with what comes and make the best of it.

Until Next Time!


  1. Great pictures. You're right about going with what comes. That's life.


  2. Well, I happen to really like the way your back yard looks right now! If I had space, I would be a taker for Belle; such a cute one. Hopefully you will find a good home for her. Isn't it amazing how fast you can 'lose' that mountain stamina? Don't worry, it will come back.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  3. always enjoy the pictures of your place.... so stunning!!! I keep y'all in my prayers:)

  4. Are these all iPhoto pics?! Did I read that correctly?? GORGEOUS! Oh, and stunning.

    Glad your tooth is better. Sounds like that was horrific.


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