Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Backpacking at Home

We hope to do a long back pack this summer in the Sierras.  Sort of a bucket list item.  I was diagnosed with COPD this spring.  A hereditary thing, I don't smoke.   While I am in the early stages,  I know my days of hiking and active pursuits are numbered, so we are trying to do things now while I can.  We should all really live like that because you just don't know what tomorrow brings. 

We've never slept out on the ranch, well, except our own deck, but that doesn't count, so we decided to do a little backpacking trip this time at home.  Worked all day and then packed up and took off. 

We got stares.  Lots of them.

But we had a lovely sleep out at the falls.  They roar right now and we both dreamed of the ocean.


  1. what a wonderful little trip!!!! It looks like a paradise!!! I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis:( you are right that you never know what tomorrow brings but I am glad you are taking advantage of today:)

  2. Good for you. It looks like a good thing to do.


  3. You have some beautiful country on your place; to be so lucky to have your own falls! I'm sure you slept soundly with them in the background. I love your philosophy; putting everything you want to do off means it usually doesn't happen. There is a balance there, but it's really easy to get lopsided on that.
    Bionic Cowgirl


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