Monday, May 14, 2012

A Week in Spring

What can I say.  We have been home a whole week and I have failed to post on this blog.  I am finding life more engaging than sitting down to write a post.  Well, actually a comfy chair after a day full of trying to beat back the overgrowth of weeds in our yard.  It was a hard battle, but we did finally succeed.  Sort of.  It is still a wild and rustic yard, but you won't be attacked by any thistles anymore.

The only thing that overwintered in our vegetable garden was swiss chard.  I love swiss chard.  I love the taste, the color and its amazing ability to survive without any help.   That's the veggie for me.

We did plant our summer vegetable garden this week: tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, lettuce, bunching onions, carrots, corn, green beans.  Most of them are seeds in the ground, or bundled up in plastic and wouldn't make for a very exciting photo.  If they survive, which is always in question this far north this early in the spring, I will post them.

We managed to catch the last bull this week.    That is a story all its own.  I must tell it someday.  We also took around trace mineral blocks and salt.  Their winter supply was just about gone.  We checked the cattle, who were all doing fine and the steers for neighbor's freezers are fattening up nicely on the thick clover we have this year.  If you want a side for your freezer, let us know.  We always sell out early. 

We took lots of walks this week.  Beautiful journeys through a sea of green.  We are becoming compulsive walkers, but I think it is a good thing.  The walking started in October, when I was caring for my then bedridden dad on hospice.  It was a way to unwind, decompress.  It still is really.  I love watching the miles roll out behind us.  Mark and I are using walking sticks now to help our knees and we love the way they 'click' in unison.  Even though our strides are quite different, they somehow match up after about a quarter of a mile.  Kind of like marriage.

 The wedding, by the way,  was wonderful.  And our last son is married to a wonderful young lady.  May their walking sticks click in unison.  :-)

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  1. I love that, 'walking sticks clicking in unison.'



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