Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We're Exhausted

Today we sold some calf weanlings at the local auction.  They sold well.  We were blessed we had any to sell as the calves just didn't know my voice.  I haven't been around much since they were born, so I made them very nervous.  Our normal gather method is for me to drive around in the Kubota hollering and then slowly drive to the corral with a parade of cows and calves following.  Not so this time.  The cows would come out for a peek, but then they would head back to their calves hiding in the woods. 

Last Friday I began with high hopes and drove around all day and this is what I saw.

What is missing from these photos.

Right.  Cattle.

 I knew by the end of the day it wasn't going to be an easy job gathering and that and  we would have to put our gentleman rancher hours away.   We got up at sunrise on Saturday and buckled down and caught some cows.  We set up portable panel corrals near hiding cows and I coaxed them in with a prayer and some hay.  Unfortunately, not all the calves joined them, so I took a risk and hauled the cows in, leaving one gentle, easy to catch cow out with that group of calves.  It worked.  By Sunday morning the hungry calves followed the gentle cow into the trap and we hauled them down to the corrals and their mamas.  Only to repeat this process over and over.  We had traps set up all over the ranch. And I drove from trap to trap catching small groups, texting Mark who would then show up with the truck and trailer to haul them away.   It was pretty funny really. 

Happy Trails to you.


  1. Beautiful pictures even if no cows in them. Smart, you rancher types, you are.


  2. LOL Were you hiding behind the tree? Might need to do a camo paint job!

  3. Don't you hate it when you have to outsmart your cows.....LOL


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