Thursday, July 19, 2012

Signs of Summer

 Crystal Clear Water

 Black Cap Raspberries

 Baby Quail

 Fat Cows
 Fatter Horses

 Clear Skies

Cloudy Ones

 Cool Drinks 

 Lavender in Bloom

 Tassels on Corn

 Shady Grape Arbor

 Blooming Sweet Peas

 Soaring Buzzards

 Lovely Lily Ladies All Afloat

 Crunchy Lettuce

 Ripening Apples


Sunshine and Smiles All Around!


  1. Those are very nice, deeply satisfying signs...but wasn't I wearing full rainwear on Tuesday? Mark

  2. Beautiful pictures. I hope some of that is still hanging around in early September.


  3. We were just talking about your waterfall today and how much we'd love to ride you place. It's so beautiful.

  4. Gun Diva, and Dan n Betty, September will still have some berries, the riding will be fun, and the scenery beautiful. Your company will be most important in the scheme of things. And this part of the universe is a wonder we would love to share with you. Mark

  5. Somebody's happy to be home.... (Glad you're back, too. The hills seem more neighborly when I know you are home.)

  6. Thanks Kim. We love knowing you are our neighbor too.

  7. We may have summer some day too!Love the pictures. Glad your home again to enjoy the beautiful Ranch life!

    Rick P.

  8. Hello!
    Tate told me to come visit your blog knowing I would appreciate it! And I most def do! Beautiful pics! I literally sat up for about an hour or two the other night reading through all your blog post! You have a beautiful life and family!
    Hope to meet you soon!
    Amy Witt


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