Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's NOT for Dinner

Our poor garden.  First the water timer goes out while we are away hiking and now it gets marauded by some equines.  The look on Mama Donkey's face is priceless.  Charlie Horse has made raids in the past, but this was her first time.  I should have thrown rocks at them, but I'm apparently pretty soft on crime as I just quietly escorted them out.  Of course, I was the one who left the gate open. 


  1. Momma Donkey had the same look on her face that Juanita and I saw when a gang of donkeys robbed our truck's hay stash at Ghost Ranch in NM a few years ago. Five or six of them, with the same look. Too funny to let you be mad.


  2. Great picture. I'm looking forward to meeting Mama.

    See you Wednesday.



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