Thursday, March 21, 2013

Absolutely Ridiculous Kubota Ride

This made me laugh, maybe it will you too?  BTW-  I don't normally have such a twang.  I was just being silly after finishing working the cattle.

Silliness aside,  we had a great spring roundup and all but about 3 animals were handled and given needed care.    The cows still know my voice,  with or without the twang apparently, and they all followed me and my little orange Kubota full of hay into the handling corrals.  Eric, Jo, Mark and I have turned into a fairly well oiled machine and the job got done quickly and without mishap.  Well, one cow's head didn't get caught in the chute, instead her hips caught in the head catch, but she was gentle, so they just vaccinated her and gave her bolus as is.  LOL.

Our jobs:
Eric:  Piercer extraordinaire.  Double checks for veins and always picks the right spot for ear tags. No bleeding. Also gives shots, usually the tetanus for the bulls who are getting banded to become steers. Helps with the chute when needed and keeping the chute loaded.
Jo:  Head Nurse and shot giver for the vaccinations, also helps keep the animals moving down the runway.  Works quietly and efficiently (unlike me!)
Mark:   Runs the chute, puts on wormer, does the bolus, and the banding of the bulls.
Me:  Quality control:  Makes up tags,  keeps record of each animal, and helps Mark with the banding.  TALKS too much.  Ex.  "That's Suzette, she's a nervous gal,  go slow, walk carefully. She's Bertha's girl, you remember her right?  Remember Suzette when she had her first calf?  Shook all over, poor thing, did fine though. Yep, she's a nervous one.  Won't save any of her heifers"   and on and on with almost every cow.  :-)


  1. Great. It brought back fond memories of a special time for us. Actually, your twang seems appropriate for a ranch woman. However, when it comes to singing I suggest you keep your day job ;)


  2. Great ride! Nice to get a "fast" tour of the place.

    And as far as the singing goes, I have been accused of not being able to sing. Nonsense. It's just that no one else seems to be able to listen.



  3. Loved the video:) To fun!!! You have an amazing place. What a blessing.


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