Friday, March 8, 2013

In Memory of Charlie

A month or so ago Charlie fell and got stuck sideways into the uphill side of our barn. We don't know how long he lay that way, probably 24 hours.   Mark, Eric, and Jo used the Kubota and straps to pull him out of the side of the barn.  After much coaxing and a night time vigil by Jo, he got up and ate a little and drank some water.  It was a sad night. Jo stayed close by.   Charlie was her childhood horse and they had the closest bond.  They loved each other and it showed.  The next day we had to leave the ranch again and Charlie was on his feet but weak.  He could go either way.

Charlie fell again and he couldn't get up.  Eric euthanized him and they buried him at the top of the pasture and planted a pear tree on top of his grave.  He was 33 years old and until the last couple of days he was very happy and looked like a much younger horse.

Jo and I have both been experiencing a very interesting occurrence in the barn.  We see Charlie out of our peripheral vision.  Just a quick flash and then when we look, he is gone.  It is quite odd and probably just a memory in our mind.  But still, it makes us wonder.  I've gotten to calling out, "Come on, Chuckles (my nickname for him) time to eat."

Click here for  a little story I wrote a while ago in honor of him and Mark's 50th birthday.

Charlie giving one of the ranch visitors a ride.  Charlie gave a lot of rides in his life.


  1. Sad, but he was blessed to live with you.


  2. always sooooooo hard to loose such an amazing companion:( Sounds like he gave y'all awesome memories1

  3. I'm sorry you lost him, but glad he had a good home up to the end.


  4. Those older horses like Charlie are pieces of gold. 33! Wow - pretty impressive - and now his 'ghost' is helping keep those happy memories alive. We have a cat like that.

    God bless you for giving him a good life.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  5. Don't know how I missed this post. RIP Charlie, you were a good 'un!


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