Saturday, March 30, 2013

Introducing Shadow

 We have a new dog named Shadow. She is a perfect companion for us at this time in our lives.  She is easy to take on trips, loves long walks and the ranch, and makes a perfect lap warmer.   She came to us through the hand of providence last fall when we needed a little dog and distraction most.  She was a stray that a lady down the street from my mom found.  Once the neighbor told us that she was a small, black, female I accepted sight unseen as I had been praying for just such a gift as my closest companion dog in my life had been a small black dog. 
Here I am way back when with my little dog Chiquita.  Chiquita was a gift too.  A sneaky gift from my grandma.  The story is told that when my first pet died, I told my parents I didn't want another parakeet, I wanted a dog.   My mom said "no", my dad said "we'll see". I took it to a higher authority,  my grandma.  (I was sneaky like that).  She smiled and also said, "we'll see".  Even at five, I knew my dad's Mr. Will C meant 'NO' and my grandma's meant 'YES'.   One day my grandma stopped by our house with a small, white, square box about four by four inches.  Scratching noises came from inside.  Grandma was direct.  "Mary," she said, "Can Tj have what is in this box?"  My mom smiled and thinking it was a bird said, "of course".  Off came the cardboard top and there was my dog.  I was ecstatic.  For 11 years that little dog was my confidante,  companion and best friend.   I learned a lot about love and responsibility from Chiquita and my mom too came to forgive my grandma and  love the little dog as much as I.  


  1. You can tell she already knows she's loved. Good choice.



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