Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Went down to the barn the other day and discovered this.  Posts still standing, but no boards.  Of course, it wasn't much of a corral anymore and we've replaced the cattle handling facilities in another location.  But still...

 It does make good kindling.  Or maybe we should sell this as a corral in a box?

 Went outside and discovered this little feline at our doorstep.  A pretty little thing, sweet too, but we have no idea where she came from.  It's not like we have neighbors nearby.  It's at least a mile, probably more and she would have to cross creeks and climb hillsides.  Why would she do that?  Probably because she hoped we would feed her, which we did.  We are calling her The Cat.  Shadow the dog calls her Sassy as she likes to slap her.   Bam!  If this is your kitty, or if you recognize her let us know. 

 Mark and I got to talking (AKA arguing)  about these over-sized mosquito creatures and decided to google it.  I was always told they eat mosquitoes, Mark thought they sucked plants.  Wrong on both accounts.  They don't eat in this stage.  They hatch out of ponds and just mate.  Short, but good life I am sure.  

Last, but not least, what are these men doing?   Also of note is the grass they are on.  We hauled in loads of composted horse poop and planted it last fall. We are happy to see it grew.  Of course now we have to mow it.  Maybe we should have left the rocks and weeds?


  1. Strange about the boards. Did you ever figure out what/who did it? Cute cat. Strays sometimes make the best pets.

    I never ever want grass again. I love our sand and rocks - don't have to mow or feed or water.


  2. Rebuilt our corrals and your right the old wood is great kindling, but would never think of cutting down someone else's..... Miss having cats, but our dogs don't play nice.

  3. Our horses take outside jobs as lawn mowers. Too bad we live so far away! It's looking really beautiful there. We have gone from snow to snow-rain.
    Bionic Cowgirl


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