Friday, May 24, 2013

Walk About

Mark and I took a leisurely 11 mile stroll around part of the ranch on Sunday.  Here is the photos from the day.  I thought visitors of the ranch might enjoy a walk down memory lane.  

 Buckeye tree alongside our driveway

 Llama following us along the saddle that looks off into fruitland ridge

 Brush is coming back strong after the fire by old Smith Orchard

 Bush Lupine 

 Far northeast corner of ranch looking north across Humboldt Redwoods State Park

 Same location looking south into the Salmon Creek drainage

 Mushroom Face

 Along the top ridgeline heading west now


 First prairie looking south

 Hiking through what used to be forest to the second open prairie

 Tiniest wild rose I've ever seen

 Big Prairie on top

 The old snag you see from our house on the top ridge

 Queen Anne's Lace

 Pennyroyal in the grasses

 Highest elevation on the ranch, 2670 feet

 Cable tree madrone

 She's still alive, but only barely

 Heading down through the burn.  Lots of baby madrones.

 Cabin pond


 Grouse Roosting Tree

 Grouse point lookout

 Pig Tree

 Along the way down to the barn

 Middle barn


 Redwood Creek Redwoods

 Firecracker Weed


 Almost home

 New cattle handling area/arena

 Down past the spring.  Top ridge is where we were.

 See the snag?
 Main House

 Our home

 Jerry's arbor with roses

Jerry's favorite rose,  Joseph's Coat of Many Colors


  1. A very nice tour!

    Except maybe for the mushroom face sticking it's tongue out at us...


  2. Brings back good memories. Love the flowers, especially the roses.

    Thanks for sharing.



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