Wednesday, May 8, 2013

what we've been up to

It's wonderful being home and I realize now that I had been depressed for quite a while.   We've had almost two tumultuous years helping my folks and now that I have some breathing room,  life is coming back into focus.   It's still hard knowing my mom is alone in a care facility with Alzheimers, but we are both adjusting.   She enjoys visiting with me and is also comfortable seeing me leave.  But why wouldn't she be?  She tells me that  I live there.   She says  I go out walking a lot!    Sad, but reassuring too in a twisted sort of way; she doesn't feel alone.

Spring on the ranch is beautiful.  Love it! This year has been very warm and dry.   We got a sprinkle or two the last few days which may save the grass a little, but we really are in a drought.  It's going to be a long summer. We try not to worry about things you can't change, so we have just been enjoying all the sunshine. 

Besides tearing down corrals, Mark has been assisting Eric on a building project and beginning the battle with thistles....  A battle he has been fighting since the fire.   He also spends his mornings with business news and trading stocks.  Mark has changed some of his investment strategies by being more active in the stock market.  Not quite day trading, but almost.    We can't stay in the green with just the cattle, so for now,  Mark the Trader is making it happen.

Besides pulling tons of weeds and cleaning our home, I've been riding and training my horses daily for the last 3 weeks.    I love riding, but consistent and methodical training on squirrelly horses is tiring. I don't know how trainers do it, day after day. My hat is off to them.     My horses had really turned into a wild herd and needed tuning up badly.  Plus, they were huge from eating all that sweet clover that is carpeting the ranch this year.  I'm happy to say, they are all making steady progress and I haven't gotten hurt, so 'it's all good'.  I really hope to find new homes for 2 of my 4 horses, but I just don't know which 2.  LOL.  If you would like a horse, let me know.  I will give them away to the right home.   

The cattle are getting very fat too on  the sweet clover, and on them, it's a good thing.  We will once again be selling some steers as freezer beef.  If you want some let me know; split quarters, sides or whole. My phone number is 707-599-0518 or email me at



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  1. If we had the freezer space and a way to get it I would love to get some of your beef - although I would have to put out of my memory all those pretty cow faces we saw. I'm glad you're going to thin your herd. You will be more productive being able to focus on just a couple of horses. You'll do fine.

    As for the rest, stay in the moment. That's where God is.

    Warmest regards, Dan


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